(permanent collection)

The charm of antique jewels resides in their sparkling secret.

Inspired in the world of the Wayuu people, ancestral inhabitants of Colombia’s Guajira peninsula, this collection recalls the everyday, esthetic, and ritual importance that they place on jewels, as symbols of personal and family spiritual protection, and as objects of enormous value comprising part of their heritage. Waraa offers a new form of symbolic goldsmithing. Red gold, red carnelian, and recycled red coral provide a material and conceptual foundation; all three are ancestral elements sacred to the Wayuu people. The jewels in this collection are pure energy, warm and illuminating. Each piece holds a special significance related to the sun’s reflection on desert dunes, the cactus flower, and the beauty, wisdom, temperance, hard work, and concentration that this matriarchal tribal culture associates with our feminine side.