Áurea joyas: is a crucible of creation and permanent research

Áurea joyas collections are inspired by the study and reinterpretation of the pre-Columbian goldsmithing legacy and by an understanding and assimilation of nature’s forms and wisdom. The jewels designed and manufactured in this studio incorporate a wide variety of ethically sourced stones and minerals, responsibly mined precious metals (gold and silver), and other natural products such as mopa-mopa (a resin from the jungles of Putumayo, part of Colombia’s cultural heritage), horn, blown glass, and wood, as well as recycled parts of these and other materials, such as the watch movements characteristic of the studio’s early work.

Áurea joyas uses these materials to express contemporary concepts in pieces that are repositories of energy and power linking this world to a universe of tradition, dreams, and legends. The jewels reinterpret archetypal spaces such as the labyrinth, the waterhole, and the portal; kinetic forms, such as spirals and mandalas; fractals like flowers and wings; and totemic animals such as the jaguar, the whale, the bird, the snake, and the eagle. The studio modernizes ancestral techniques and incorporates new concepts, trends, and technologies in a poetics of the jewel conceived as a threshold leading to the power contained in stones and metals.

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