(2014 – 2015)No cage can hold him,
No cell can incarcerate the visionary:
His stride is the high plains of freedom:
The world turns under the long thrust of his heel.
The horizon stretches to the ground under his cage.

                                [From “El jaguar”, Ted Hughes]

Each human being has a spirit animal with which he or she sympathizes naturally. One, or several. Regardless of whether or not we delve deeply into this relationship with the spirit world, its energy touches us spontaneously through these animals. Simply put, a totem is animal energy impregnated in a human being, moving him or her to transit between the different dimensions of life and being. Each animal represents a spiritual attribute; a way of being that differentiates it from other species. This collection is inspired by several of them: the jaguar, the eagle, the monkey, the cat, the whale, the dolphin, the serpent, the wolf, the hummingbird, or the chameleon.